Apple Finally Launches iDisk App For iPhone/iPod

After around a month’s wait, Apple has finally released its free MobileMe iDisk app for the iPod and iPhone users, enabling them to access their iDisk files using these blockbuster handheld devices.

Formerly announced during the company’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference held earlier in July, the new iteration of the app would allow MobileMe members to access popular file types, including MS Word as well as iWork ’09 documents, along with presentations, PDFs, and many more.

A MobileMe user would simply require to login using his/her MobileMe username and password, followed by clicking the Share icon to share files with other users; furthermore, it also lets users to share files available in Public Folders of other MobileMe members.

The app has been made available via Apple App Store; however, the company claimed that the app would not be able to support all formats on the mobile device.

Viewing files using the newly released app has been restricted to iPhone-supported file types only, including MS Office, PDF, QuickTime, and others. Furthermore, the company notified that files larger than 20MB mayn’t be accessible.

System requirements to access the MobileMe app include an iPhone or iPod Touch device powered with iPhone OS 3.0 as well as an active MobileMe membership.

Our Comments

Apple is gradually converting MobileMe into an attractive alternative to Google Apps and Windows Live. But as for many Apple services and products, iDisk has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. We suggest to users to experiment Opera's rather nifty Unite service.

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