Virgin Media Follows Tesco Mobile With Unlimited Monthly Tariff

Virgin Media are set to launch an 18-month mobile phone contract that promises unlimited texts and calls and became the second network after Tesco Mobile to launch such a deal.

Interestingly, like Tesco Mobile, Virgin Media is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and a close partner of T-Mobile. The "ultimate" unlimited tariff costs a staggering £65 per month compared to Tesco's £30 per month.

Unlike Tesco Mobile's offer though, Virgin Media offers a mobile phone which happens to be either a Nokia N86 smartphone - a nice 8-megapixel snapper - or the Samsung Jet. As expected though, just as there is no free lunch, Virgin Media's unlimited ain't really totally unrestricted.

You only get 3000 texts, 3000 minutes, 3000 Virgin to Virgin minutes and a rather disappointing 1GB per month according to their fair usage policy. Prospective customrs face a £1170 bill over the duration of the contract, which is on the expensive side.

Oddly, we can't find that tariff on Virgin Mobile's tariff page as it is not available just now. The most expensive tariff they have is a £35 one which gives you 800 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. Virgin has yet to say whether there are other handsets on this tariff.

Jonathan Kini, director of mobile at Virgin Mobile, said the tariff is amongst the best on the market adding "The perfect combination for high usage customers who want the best technology available, without paying the earth" .

Our Comments

To be fair, we don't think that Virgin Media's offer is the best on the market. £65 is a lot to play with and other players could possibly come up with better alternatives. 3 Networks proposes unlimited text & internet plus 750 minutes for £40 per month.

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