Windows 7 Ultimate Product Activation System Cracked

In what could be considered as a big blow to the anti-piracy mechanism incorporated in Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 7 operating system, the reports for the first crack in the yet to be publicly released OS has been doing rounds.

The first crack for the Ultimate edition of the OS emerged less than a week after the software giant released the OS to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), according to reports from Softpedia.

The reported crack is based on a product activation key as well as certificate said to have been taken out from an OEM copy of Windows 7 that was made available on a Chinese web forum.

Although the crack is said to be restricted to the Ultimate edition, but it can further be used on all machines for both the 32-bit and 64-bit iterations of the OS. Incidentally, it enables the conversion of retail iteration of Windows 7 Ultimate to OEM iteration by following few simple commands.

In order to avoid any unfavourable consequences, Microsoft has advised users not to download the new OS from unauthorised sources, as it could expose customers’ PCs to increased risks, including Trojans, viruses, data loss, identity thefts, t name a few.

Responding to the reports of crack, a Microsoft spokesperson said; “We are aware of reports of activation exploits that attempt to circumvent activation & validation in Windows 7, and we can assure customers that Microsoft is committed to protecting them from counterfeit and pirated software.”

Our Comments

It's hackers 1, Microsoft 0. It is only the beginning of a long war being waged between the two entities. Microsoft will surely come with a fix for this flaw before the hackers and pirate hit back with an even more elaborate hack. Windows XP hacked versions are already all over the web which gives you an indication who will win the battle.

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