Team Elite's MI5 Website Hack Trivial Says Home Office

It has been reported that a group of computer hackers could have attacked the MI5 official website in an apparent attempt to pick the information on people using the site.

The threat of an attack has already been confirmed by the UK Home Office, which claimed that the hacking attempt is unlikely to impinge any serious damage to the national security and depicted it as a “small issue”.

In an exclusive report, the newspaper Daily Express notified that a hacking team, called “Team Elite”, managed to breach into the security of the site, and changed it so as to download malware into visitors’ PCs and steal crucial information stored on them.

The high profile report in the newspaper also cited Tory MP Patrick Mercer as asserting: “Having potentially highly classified information available to hackers is deeply concerning. The identity of agents and informers in terror groups such as Al Qaeda are held by MI5.”

A spokesperson notified that the attackers targeted a security flaw in the website’s integrated Google search engine with cross-site scripting attacks, and subsequently they were planning to inject malicious codes onto the site and redirect users to a web page containing malicious content.

Citing the alarming incidence, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley, asserted it was “implausible” for MI5 to keep any crucial data on a website meant for public. He further asserted that though the reported breach wasn’t that severe, it could be taken as a wake-up call for system administrators to keep info on their systems secure.

Our Comments

Vital data should not be shared on the same server as information that is directly accessible by the public. This is simple and plan and is not something that is insensible. Team Elite is what is known as a grey hacker group; they exposed the hack publicly on their forum.

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