Gary McKinnon May Actually Avoid US Extradition

It seems that Gary McKinnon, who recently lost his appeal in court to stop his extradition to US on charges of hacking, may still avoid serving time in a US prison and can possibly serve his sentence in UK.

Expressing her opinion on the controversial case, Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of Labour, mentioned to BBC that if authorities in US want McKinnon to stand trial in America owing to the gravity of his offence then it does not makes sense for the British government or politicians to “second-guess the criminal justice system."

However, she went on to add "If he is found guilty, then obviously straight away we will seek for him to serve any prison sentence – if he is sentenced to prison – back in this country."

In addition, Ms Harman also mentioned that the government has received assurances from the concerned American authorities that McKinnon, who incidentally suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, will receive the relevant medical care that his condition requires.

The extradition case of McKinnon has been highly controversial and a number of interest groups and influential people like former cabinet minister Peter Hain have opposed his extradition on the grounds that his medical condition deserves sympathy.

Our Comments

It looks therefore more likely than ever than McKinnon will be extradited to the US as a matter of principle and judged before being returned back to the UK to serve his sentence. This would allow parties in both countries to be satisfied while keeping McKinnon safe.

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