Amazon Taking Pre-orders on Apple's Snow Leopard OS

In spite of not having a definite official launch date, Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for Apple’s upcoming OSX 10.6, tagged as “Snow Leopard”, promptly sending the latest iteration of Apple’s Mac OS X to snare the top two spots of the online retailer’s software bestseller charts.

The top spot has been acquired by the single user iteration of Snow Leopard, sporting a price tag of $29, while the second position has been held by the family version of the operating system, pricing $49. However, the pricing structure for new version is noticeably lower than that for the prior versions, which were originally priced at around $129.

With its release-date scheduled in September, the OS will roughly go head-to-head with Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 7 OS, which is all set to make its debut in October.

The online retail giant notifies about the pre-order procedure by mentioning, “Please note: Official release date has not been announced by Apple, though they have indicated this product will be released sometime in September”.

Apple users with systems running Intel processors will only be able to use the next version of Apple’s Mac OS X, which is the first one from Apple’s stable that uses 64-bit memory, making it much faster as it would be able to use significantly more system memory.

However, Amazon UK has no such pre orders in place yet, and the UK pricing for the OS hasn’t been announced till date.

Our Comments

Apple will be launching Snow Leopard almost at the same time that Windows 7 comes to market. Microsoft should perhaps take a leaf out of Apple's book and release more operating systems over time but decrease the cost of each version. That's basically what Apple is done without anyone complaining.

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