Google Chrome To Get Opera-like Bookmark Syncing

Google has announced plans to develop a new cloud sync service for its signature web browser Chrome that will initially back bookmark synchronization, with plans to integrate other browser info is there on the cards.

The new synchronisation framework, which is in its early stage of development, will be introduced as a part of Google’s open source Chromium project sometime around later this week, and the browser with the sync feature enabled could be introduced via a dev-channel update this month, the company said.

Tim Steele, a member of the Chromium development team, in a message to the developer group, detailed the procedure through which the new feature will be incorporated into the web browser; furthermore, the search giant has also published a design document that offers a comprehensive insight into the synchronisation architecture.

In his message, Steele wrote: “A bunch of us have been working on a feature to sync user data in Chromium with a Google account. We have built a library that implements the client side of our sync protocol as well as the Google server-side infrastructure to serve Google Chrome users and synchronize data to their Google Account”.

Although the feature will initially be restricted to handling bookmarks syncing only, but plans for syncing other settings, such as browser’s history and tabs, are already being discussed.

Our Comments

Google could very easily implement something similar to Opera Unite's solution. Google already has the fundamental structure setup for a cloud computing based browser experience. One can therefore expect that by the end of the year, Chrome will be available on Mac and Linux (plus Windows), come with bookmark sync and plugin support.

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