Google Uses Billboard Adverts To Lure Businesses To Use Apps

In its latest efforts to lure businesses, Google has come up with an unconventional billboard advertising campaign to promote its online office application suite, codenamed as “Google Apps”, intended to take on Microsoft Office suite.

The advertising campaign, dubbed as “Go Google”, would showcase why more than 1.75 million companies have been opted for Google Apps services so far.

In what could be considered as a rare show of commercial marketing drive, the search engine giant will place the billboards along major routes across four big cities in the US, including New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago, which spell out an unknown IT manager’s story who chooses to go for Google Apps suite.

The story of the IT manager will be displayed in a narrative form, with billboards will be changing on a daily basis for a month; furthermore, the search giant is also persuading employees to lobby their IT administrators and encourage Google Apps in their offices.

Along the same line, the web page of the company says, “Want your company to go Google as well? Contact your IT administrator, share this page with your co-workers and the world, and get others to go Google”.

The advertising campaign will aim at promoting a variety of components of Google Apps, including Gmail, Docs, Talk, as well as Calendar. The company is also using microblogging website Twitter to spread its message, along with setting up a hashtag, “#gonegoogle”, for users to help them share their experiences with Google Apps.

Our Comments

More news about Google then. The company is using the recession as an excuse to convince businesses to switch from more expensive, traditional software packages (read Microsoft Office) to a cheaper, software-as-a-package version. Interesting also, the fact that it is espousing a bottom up approach.

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