£59.99 Sony 8GB MP3 and Portable Video Player NWZA728

The Slim Size and Lightweight NWZ-A728 have Multi Codec Support and uses the Drag and Drop function to easily transfer files from your PC to your WALKMAN Video MP3 Player.

Drag-and-drop your music, videos, photos, even playlists, seamlessly between your PC and Walkman with our Content Transfer software via hi-speed USB connection.

Often the bugbear of hand-held entertainment devices, battery performance has been given a longer lease of life in our Walkman MP3 Players – stay enshrined in crystal-clear music or high-resolution videos for long hours.

With large 13.5mm driver units that support wide dynamic frequency range playback, you can expect high-fidelity treble and deep powerful bass from Sony's EX Headphones.

Soft silicon earbuds make for comfortable wear while providing excellent insulation against embient noise - transforming your ear canals into air-tight audio chambers.

Prevents audio signals leaking from one channel to another, reproducing the clear stereo sound of the original source and thus taking your audio experience to a whole new level.

Being Sony's originally developed audio bandwidth enhancement technology, it improves the degraded sound of compressed audio and restores high frequency range to reproduce natural sound close to the original source.

This is a 8GB WALKMAN MP3 & Video with large 2.4 inch QVGA colour LCD that costs £59.99 from Argos.