Orange Introduces £4.89 Mobile Broadband Package

Orange has debuted what is UK's cheapest mobile broadband package for £4.89 per month which is significantly less than the competition.

But don't expect nothing more than the strict minimum. You get 500Mb of monthly data usage, an up-to-speed of 3.6mbps and a free dongle - a Huawei E160e - if you sign up for 18 months.

The biggest catch though is that you will need to be an existing pay monthly or pay as you go Orange customer. That said, it might be possible to get the Orange Internet Everywhere simply by ordering free orange pay as you go SIM cards from and as a bonus, you will get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday for free.

Asif Aziz, Orange’s director of broadband and home, added in a statement that “We also want to ensure we reward existing Orange customers, and believe that by offering them the cheapest pay monthly mobile broadband on the market – we really do offer great value for money.”

3 Networks's cheapest offer, Broadband Lite, will cost you £10 per month on a 18 month contract with a free dongle. It is twice as expensive but gives you 1GB instead. If you can add another fiver, you get 15GB.

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Our Comments

500MB of month is enough to download a couple of videos, surf the web for 5 hours and download 16 four minute music tracks. It would be interesting to find out whether Orange provides you with some kind of counter to keep track of your consumption.

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