Stephen Timms Replaces Lord Carter As Communications Minister

In a move aimed at keeping the government vision on Digital Britain report on track, Treasury Minister Stephen Timms is being made as the new communications minister.

The appointment of Stephen Timms comes at a time of rising concerns that the momentum generated by outgoing communication minister Lord Carter is slowly losing steam and he will have his plates full in making the vision of universal broadband a success.

One of his main tasks would involve furthering the proposed plans for levying a £6 charge on all phone lines in order to arrange for funds needed to bankroll the next generation of ultra fast broadband networks as conceived in the Digital Britain report.

Many believe that the implementation plan setup by Lord Carter in his Digital Britain report is yet to see any significant movement; in addition an independent body which was supposed to be setup last month for ensuring universal broadband is unlikely to even have chief executive till October.

In addition representatives from the telecom industry have also expressed concerns about the possible delay in implementation due to Lord Carters exit and they have even expressed fears that crucial aims of the Digital Britain report may possibly be abandoned by Carter’s successor or by the Government that comes into power next year.

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Our Comments

Lord Carter's digital report ha been one of the most talked about technology and telecommunications documents in the UK for the past few years. Its implications for the nation goes beyond the next election, it remains to be seen whether it will be yet another lost opportunity.

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