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Virgin Media Pledges Broadband Ad Transparency

In light of the recent report published by telecom regulator Ofcom which mentioned that most broadband providers were making misleading claims about the speeds they offer, Virgin Media has promised to introduce more transparency in its broadband marketing campaigns.

It is important to note that out of all providers covered by Ofcom, Virgin was rated as the best provider when it came to delivering speeds close to those promised with actual rates figuring near 8.7 Mbps to the advertised 10Mbps package.

However a major point of concern has been the use of the term 'up to' in most broadband advertising which markets theoretically possible maximum speeds which are hardly reflected in actual use.

In order to avoid such criticism Virgin Media has initiated a new National Broadband Best Speed Promise that it plans to apply on its marketing efforts in future and is expected to carry the slogan "the fastest broadband we can give you".

Expressing his opinion on the new initiative, Virgin’s chief exec Neil Berkett mentioned "Many consumers are confused by speed claims that are, at best, misleading and, at worst, disingenuous. I hope our National Broadband Speed Promise will help people choose the product that's right for them and set a new standard of transparency for the whole industry."

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Our Comments

Virgin Media already has the country's fastest broadband and the fastest entry level broadband. Although its services are only available to a portion of the country, the fact that Virgin Media now promoting more transparency can only force others to follow suit.

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