3 To Debut Mobile Wireless MiFi Router

In order to catch up with the surging demand of mobile broadband services of late, the mobile operator 3 has taken the wraps off from its plans to come up with a new wireless broadband service for its customers by the end of this year.

The network operator touts its Mobile Wi-Fi service, tagged as “Mi-Fi”, which is actually a wireless modem that will allow 3 customers to access its wireless networks from any location.

According to the company, the new wireless modem is smaller than the size of an average mobile phone, and will let users to connect “multiple devices” (up to around 5 users) to the web simultaneously.

The Sales and Marketing director at 3 UK, Marc Allera, said in a statement, “There are millions of Wi-Fi devices out there, but they can only be used in fixed locations. Consumer demand for easy and affordable internet access on the go is growing fast and we're responding to that by announcing the UK's first wireless modem."

In addition to it, 3 has recently launched a technology enabling companies to place their adverts on a new mobile broadband dashboard, which users would be able to access whenever their dongle was connected to a device.

Pricing details for Mi-Fi modem haven’t been released yet but it should be available before Christmas. It is smaller than an average mobile phone and is rechargeable via its USB port.

Our Comments

While this is nothing new, we're really looking forward for something like that. The Mi-Fi could also be used as a backup solution when a landline connection gets lost. Businesses working extensively no the web could use it for instance to provide a seamless working environment.

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