Broadband More Important Than Dining Out For Brits Says Report

A new piece of research by Telecoms regulator, Ofcom, shows that consumers are not ready to cut down on broadband services even in the midst of the worst global recession in almost 80 years.

The Communications Market Report sheds some lights on the dynamics of a £52 billion market that brings together broadband, telecoms, radio and television and shows how important technology has become for the majority of people.

A staggering 41 percent of those surveyed for the report said that they would rather forgo their holidays rather shut down their broadband services. Broadband is by far the preferred communication tool of the list that Ofcom drew up.

When it comes to tightening one's economic belt, 47 percent said they would cut on going out for dinner but only 19 percent said they would slash their mobile phone spending, 16 percent their television subscriptions and 10 percent their broadband services.

Peter Phillips who is responsible for Strategy & Market Developments at Ofcom said: 'Despite the recession, people are spending more time watching TV, using their mobile phone or accessing the internet. They would rather do without meals out or holidays than give up their phone, broadband or pay TV package."

He pointed out to the fact that many people - almost half of those questioned - are saving money by taking out bundles from a single supplier.

Our Comments

Packages (broadband and phone) can cost as little as £17.74 per month if users switch to Freeview and unlike going out, this costs the same regardless of the number of users in any household. Plus the benefits of having broadband and telecommunications services in general far outgrows their initial use as leisure activities.

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