BT Provides Free Speed-Boosting iPlate For Broadband Customers

In a move that could position BT better in soaring competition among different ISPs in the UK, the broadband provider is now offering its entire customer-base a well-designed broadband accelerator, erstwhile referred to as “iPlate”, which can reportedly enhance broadband speeds considerably by 1.5MB.

All BT customers can apply for the free broadband accelerator online, and they would just need to pay £1.20 as postage costs for receiving the tool via post. Earlier, this speed booster sported a price tag worth £10.

The BT Broadband Accelerator device can bolster up the reliability of an ADSL broadband connection, along with its speed to a great extent, as it’s been designed to keep the line free of any sort of interference.

The tool simply fits over main telephone socket of the user, and is intended for the users who have more than one functional BT sockets in their homes.

Discussing about the new product on its website, BT notified that a "speed increase after fitting an accelerator is not guaranteed - especially if you already have a speed close to the maximum limit (8Mb for ADSL or 20Mb for ADSL2+)".

The iPlates will be restricted to one per broadband account, and will initially be made available to BT Total Broadband customers only.

Our Comments

BT is launching a number of schemes aimed at boosting the average speed of its broadband users (and those of its retailers). Virgin Media currently has by far the highest average broadband speed in the country. By rolling out the free iPlate programme as well as the new ADSL2+/FTTH scheme, it should, in theory, close the gap with the cable company.

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