London Outweighs San Francisco As Twitter Capital Says CEO

BBC's Kirsty Wark interviewed Evan Williams, Twitter's CEO, and although the interview has been slammed by many journalists, Wark managed to extract the fact from Evans that London remains the capital of Twitter.

During his first interview with a British Television, Williams told the British journalist that Twitter in London and the United Kingdom in general tend to grow faster than the rest of the world. US remains the top territory in terms of Twitter users followed by the UK.

Twitter's co-founder also refute the claims that Twitter creates a "false sense of community". "I don't think it is false necessarily. People use technologies to communicate and it is not any less real than using the telephone to communicate." he added.

He also denied that Twitter could be dehumanising referring to vehement criticisms from Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols. Williams added that " I think it's kind of silly, I would say that anyone who says that isn't really familiar with the service, because it's about humans connecting with each other, and often in ways that they couldn't otherwise."

Interestingly, Wark missed the opportunity to probe Twitter's business plan, a copy of which was mysteriously obtained by Techcrunch during a high profile and controversial hack.

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Check the full interview of Evan Williams courtesy of this video from the BBC.

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