Microsoft To Encourage iPhone Developers To Code For Windows Mobile

In a bid to pose a notable challenge to Apple’s App Store with its yet to be unveiled online store for mobile applications, Microsoft Corp. has released a case study showing the procedure to port an iPhone app to its Windows Mobile platform.

A post on The Windows Blog points out a detailed case study published on the company’s Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) website comprising of a comprehensive technical blueprint that spells out the procedure of porting the iPhone app Amplitude to its latest Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.

The report was created by a third-party consulting firm, Crimson Consulting, and is intended to be a handy document for developers as they create new Windows Mobile apps for the software giant’s forthcoming Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Amplitude is a cutting-edge app available on the iPhone interface that picks the sound from the user’s vicinity, and subsequently amplifies and presents it in a graphical format.

Microsoft touted this app as the most suitable one for the case study, as it’s the kind of high-profile application the company is looking forward to bring on to its Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.

Citing the same, Constanze Roman, the manager Windows Mobile community team, wrote in a blog post: “It combines a rich user interface with features such as alpha blending and transparency with specific audio and sound requirements, which makes it challenging to port the app but, at the same time, provides a number of helpful learning experiences”.

In a related news story, a mobile media firm Handmark has come up with a new application, dubbed as “HandMarket Apps for Windows Mobile”, which is being billed as the rival application to the Microsoft’s forthcoming online app store.

Our Comments

Tapping into the existing market of developers for the iPhone appears to be an odd thing to do for a company as recognised as Microsoft. But then Apple is not any company and the iPhone, not any device. Microsoft knows that Apple is far ahead when it comes to Apps and that it would be advantageous to get Apple developers to code for Windows and make some money.

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