Orange Offers "Unlimited" Mobile Broadband For £44.86?

Orange has announced today that it will not charge more than an extra £40 per month regardless of the amount of monthly data allowance they use whilst using their dongle in the UK.

The France-Telecom owned network operator also introduced what amounts to UK's cheapest broadband at £4.86 per month (although that only gets you 500MB) and that in theory, even if you surpass that amount you should be charged only £44.86. Our hunch though is that you won't be allowed to do it more than once (but that wasn't mentioned in their press release).

Orange is also offering three "Early Bird tariffs" that will provide customers with unmetered mobile broadband download between midnight and 9am (subject to fair usage policy) over and above their normal allowance. These will cost as little as £13 per month and will be ideal for night workers and for those looking to download completely legal files at night.

The three packages will come either with 1GB, 3GB or 10GB data allowance. Orange will also offer the ability for customers to download data bundles if they go above their allowances. The 10GB block will cost £20 while an additional 1GB will be charged £5.

Wireless broadband users on Orange will also be provided with a free software that will alert them when they are approaching their usage limit.

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Our Comments

Orange is positioning itself on the mobile broadband market. The offers it introduced are not only pertinent but also shows that Orange is listening to its customers and even for a company this size, it can be pretty innovative.

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