Windows 7 RTM Glitch Unlikely To Be A "Showstopper"

In its response to the erstwhile reports of a critical “showstopper” bug in the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of its forthcoming Windows 7 operating system, a senior official with Microsoft Corp. has asserted that the reports have been unjustly hyped.

Steven Sinofsky, the newly appointed President of the Widows Division at Microsoft, has claimed in a blog post that the much hyped bug in the RTM build of Windows 7 seems to be neither a critical one, nor the “showstopper” that some are touting it to be.

Playing down the reports, Sinofsky wrote in a blog post: "While we appreciate the drama of 'critical bug' and then the pickup of 'showstopper' that I've seen, we might take a step back and realize that this might not have that defcon level”.

The software giant has blamed an issue in the chipset controller instead of any critical bug in the Windows 7 chkdsk /r tool that could result into a memory leak capable of sending the victim’s computer to sudden crash.

The company has advised Windows 7 users to upgrade their chipset drivers to the existing drivers being supplied by their motherboard manufacturers to avoid any related troubles in the future.

Microsoft had already finalised the code for Windows 7 a couple of weeks back and is now gearing up to release the OS to developers under its Microsoft’s MSDN and Technet programs.

Our Comments

The CHKDSK tool is unlikely to be used by many and there will always be bugs to squashed within a structure as complex as the millions of lines of code that Windows 7 contains. As the launch date of 22nd of October approaches, chances are that more bugs will be discovered and zapped in Windows 7 SP1.

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