Apple's Schiller Comments On Dictionary iPhone App

In what seems to be a major shift from its existing PR policy, Apple has surprisingly responded to a wave of complaints over its latest efforts to monitor content it placed on its signature App Store.

Responding to the row over removing Ninjawords Dictionary app, Apple claimed it didn’t delete the app for incorporating some common swear words, but for offering access to “offensive urban slang”.

The blogosphere had been flooded with a massive number of complaints over the company’s move of rejecting the dictionary app, after it claimed that the dictionary contained “objectionable words”.

Settling the waves of criticism down, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Shiller, broke the company’s characteristic code of silence and presented company’s side of the contentious move.

Shiller further went on to say that Ninjawords’ developer Matchstick itself opted for censoring the app, in an attempt to get the approval quickly, but all it needed was a rating of 17+.

The controversial saga was actually triggered on Tuesday when John Gruber in his blog, Daring Fireball, posted how Apple forced Matchstick Software to pull out vulgar terms from its iPhone app, Ninjawords Dictionary, which in turn sparked a firestorm of criticisms across the online space.

The issue has definitely marked a big change in the way Apple handled controversies so far, and the company has now perceptibly started taking users’ concerns into consideration.