Most Popular iPhone Apps Are Predominantly Games

Figures released by App store analytics company, Distimo, show that iPhone users are much more likely to purchase games to play on their smartphones than other "serious" applications.

The nine of the top 15 purchased apps for the Apple iPhone were games according to the firm's research. Like for the PC platform, developers are keen to get users addicted through trial versions to encourage gamers to fork out their hard earnt money on full version.

Sadly, Distimo's data doesn't consider the number of downloads or the conversion rate. Earlier in March, rich media advertising company, Mobclix, found out that roughly 30 percent of iPhone Apps released are games.

Apple has more than 65,000 apps for its platform, an army of more than 100,000 developers worldwide and they have been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times since the App store launched last year.

The firm also included data pertaining to Google's Android Marketplace and found out that none of the top 15 applications purchased there were games; Distimo further found that Apple iPhone Apps were generally much cheaper than their Android counterparts.

A spokesperson for the company stated that "Classic games on Android Market are more popular than in the Apple App Store, with even three out of the 15 most popular games for Android being emulators. These types of emulators are not allowed in the Apple App Store".