Twitter Still Recovering From DDoS Whammies

Like a groggy boxer, Twitter is still numb by yesterday's distributed denial of service and the first set of data has emerged as to the extent to which Twitter's service was disrupted.

One of the issues encountered by Twitter was the fact that genuine users were also part of the DDoS given the fact that 3rd party sites and applications like CoTweet would still try to access Twitter even when it is down, adding to the downpour of traffic on the website.

Twitter's last update says that the "Site latency has continued to improve, however some web requests continue to fail. This means that some people may be unable to post or follow from the website".

Latency is still a huge issue as Pingdom shows that Twitter had a 4 second downtime as of this morning although downtime was reduced to a mere 4 minute. Still it is still early hours in the US and the day has yet to settle.

Arbor Networks also revealed that around 9am EDT yesterday morning, Twitter traffic slumped to around a third of its normal status. The security firm's Internet Observatory logged around 200Mbps worth of traffic exchanged between 55 ISPs and Twitter before the attack.

What will worry the big names like Google, Microsoft and Amazon is the ease with which the attacks have disrupted online services.

What makes it more cringeworthy is the fact that the attacks appear to be targetting one person as a result of a "personal vendetta", not the result of an organised criminal act.