LG GD910 Watchphone To Cost £766

Korean Chaebol LG and French mobile network operator Orange have released of the first 3G watch phone (or wrist phone), the GD910, in France last Friday.

In a press statement, both companies said that they expect the device to become a "highly desirable object and fashion statement" (ed: surely that will be the case for potential muggers).

The GD910 was originally announced back in February 2009 and was set to be sold for around 1000 Euros in mainland Europe. However, the price was slightly reduced to 899 Euros or roughly £766.

It comes with a 1.43-inch capacitive touchscreen that can show 176x220 pixels. LG has also managed to cram both a 7.2mbps 3G Connection and Bluetooth, video calling, advanced voice recognition and text to speech technology and an integrated music player into the GD910 - which will also be splash resistant.

The wrist phone, which will be sold by Orange exclusively in the forthcoming weeks, will be available both on PAYG and on high end contracts (probably above £75 or more).

Hyundai and Samsung are also looking forward to launch their own phone watches with the former one planning to drop the price to around £200 SIM-Free.