Mozilla Presents Alpha Version Of Firefox 3.6

The latest version of the popular open source browser, Firefox 3.6, has been released for developers and internal testers.

Known as Namoroka, the alpha version means that it is still unstable and is likely to contain bugs that could bring down the browser (very unlikely your OS) and uses the Mozilla's Gecko 1.9.2 layout engine.

Amongst the changes and improvements are speed improvements to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine as well as startup and responsiveness improvements throughout the application.

First impressions are that the user interface has been significantly changed and the startup speed has been improved a lot, making it the fastest Firefox ever, but not as fast as say, Chrome.

Scrolling through and loading web pages is now noticeably faster and Firefox has sweetened the deal with some eye candy features including native support for Windows 7 features such as Aero Peek.

Further tests by Cnet confirms that 3.6 is around 10 percent faster at than Firefox 3.5 when it comes to completing the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.

Firefox 3.6 Alpha can be downloaded here and used at your own risk. It should be released before Christmas after which, the next milestone may well be Firefox 4.0.