Personal Privacy Threatened By Snooping Councils

A recent report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner, compiled by Sir Paul Kennedy has stated that one in every 78 adults in UK are under surveillance and nearly 1400 requests are made by government agencies everyday to snoop on the public.

The report apparently revealed that police and intelligence agencies along with local councils have made 504,073 requests for snooping in one single year and there has been a 44 percent increase in snooping requests in last two years.

Authorities derive their power to place request for putting people under surveillance from the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

This was essentially created to assist government agencies in their fight against terrorism and it gives organisations like local councils and police to access confidential information including phone records and email and text communication details.

Expressing his astonishment at the sharp increase in snooping, Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokesman mentioned “The sheer numbers are daunting. It cannot be a justified response to the problems we face in this country that the state is spying on half a million people a year.”

He also questioned the wisdom of making the Home Secretary, the designate authority which judges the requests for snooping and said it is similar to “asking the fox to guard the henhouse”