Royal Opera House To Host Twitter Opera

Covent Garden's Royal Opera House is experimenting with Twitter in the form of a crowdsourced Opera which will be performed during the Deloitte Ignite 09 festival in September 2009.

The opera is written from scratch with Twitter users contributing 140 characters at a time on the Opera's Twitter account (@youropera has more than 300 followers at the time of writing).

The opera has yet to be named and at the time of writing, the story reached act one, scene two and the music for the "Twitter Opera" will be set to music by composer Helen Porter.

The protagonists so far include a ginger cat, the woman with no name (possibly called Iris) and a man called William who is kidnapped by a group of birds as a revenge for killing one of their peers. To those interested in participating ito this crowdsourcing venture, tag your submissions with the #youropera hashtag.

The project though is not without its critics or its pitfalls. There was "a possibly copyright-infringing foray into The Sound of Music" as well as the propensity for submitters to introduce god-related violence while Jeremy Pound, the deputy editor of BBC Music Magazine says that "It was an accident waiting to happen. Whenever there is a new fad, you know that someone in the art world is going to grab hold of it by the horns."

The head of the Royal Opera House, Alison Duthie, told Sky "It's the people's opera and the perfect way for everyone to become involved with the inventiveness of opera. Expect the unexpected. Who knows how the story will evolve."