Google Caffeine Is Almost Real Time Search

Googe has unveiled part of its next-generation infrastructure codenamed Caffeine which the search engine giant hopes will not only provide with improved accuracy but also much faster indexing speed.

The aim, Google hopes, would not only allow Google to come up with an altogether better search experience but also, one can expect, something to compete in the increasingly crowded real-time search segment.

The announcement of Caffeine comes within a few hours of Facebook's announcement that it was acquiring Friendfeed, a major player in the real-time, social aggregator arena.

In a post on Google Webmaster Central Blog, Sitaram Iyer, a Staff Software Engineer, and Matt Cutts, Google's Principal Engineer (and Mr Anti Spam), said that a large team of Googlers have been working for several months on this next generation architecture.

The new infrastructure only affects the backend which means that most users will not notice a difference in search results (although we did find some subtle difference when searching for ITProPortal here & here).

However, Caffeine, like a supercharged search engine, appears to render pages much faster (some say twice as fast) even if the overall interface remains the same; which could mean that Google could be doing something smart like introducing transparent compression or sending results from geographically closer servers.

Google made it clear that there is still much work in progress and wants developers and power users to give their feedback on the new infrastructure. Google has set a web developer preview at where users can trial the system.