ITProPortal Release 6.5.1 Article Page Update

As part of the continuous improvement of ITProPortal, our designers have been busy working on the layout of the article page.

This latest release is the first to encompass a 3 column layout, which aims to tighten up our content, delivering extra information to you in a more user friendly manor.

Here are some notes on the improvements:


- Refined article page layout, with a tidier single column for content making it easier to read.

- Article starts higher up on the page

- New navigation has been brought into the page


- Related News has been move from the bottom of the page to the right column of the page, now showing number of related articles.

- Tag cloud has received a new make over, improving overall clarity.

- A news feed (left column), ensures that you always see the latest headlines no matter what article you are reading.

- Hot topics has been moved below the newsfeed

Social Tools and Commenting

- Social tools have been on the site for ages but we recognise they were slightly hidden and not nicely designed into the site. We have now put real effort into designing them in. We hope you enjoy sharing our articles.

- One you have all been waiting for, for a long time judging by your feedback is commenting. We are pleased to announce that your right to reply and discuss is here.

From us all at ITProPortal, thanks for your continued support. We hope you like the latest design and enjoy commenting on our articles.

The next batch of improvements is being worked on as I type this, they are significant and are to do with the engine that deliver the site to you.

Expect an increase in the site's speed with the next release as our super fantastic development team works like lemmings to bring you the best of Python.

As always, please use our feedback button to point out errors and improvements you would like to see. You can also send your feedback to us via Twitter @itproportal