Sony VAIO Laptops Owners Left Without Windows 7 XP Mode

Some of the users of VAIO laptops have pitched their concerns over Sony’s proposed plans to disable the hardware virtualisation technology needed to run XP mode in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system.

Sony has asserted that it will enable the required Intel’s Virtual Technology (VT), which would run Windows XP mode in the forthcoming Microsoft’s Windows 7, only on selected models of its heftily priced VAIO laptops.

Responding to users’ outcry over the matter, Sony has blamed security issues for its contentious move, which would prevent many of its VAIO users from running Windows XP mode on their machines which comes bundled with Windows 7.

Along the same line, Sony’s senior manager of product marketing, Xavier Lauwaert, said in a statement, “Our engineers and QA people were very concerned that enabling VT would expose our systems to malicious code that could go very deep in the Operating System structure of the PC and completely disable the latter. “

However, Lauwaert talked about the company’s plans to revisit the situation, and its intention to make the necessary technology available on some of its selected models in the future.

While some users have asked for refunds for their machines, some have gone further and called for a class action lawsuit, complaining the company was unclear over the fact that VAIO machines were not able of using a core feature of the Intel Core 2 Duo chip inside.