£69.99 Hitachi SimpleDrive 1TB 3.5" External USB Hard Drive

With two levels of backup, we've made it easy to steer clear of life's little disasters and protect your irreplaceable pics, flicks and tunes from spilled drinks, curious toddlers, fire, or theft.

No engineering brilliance required. Just plug it in and you're ready to store your capacity-hungry files.

Affordable and reliable, SimpleDrive's automated backup software saves copies of your stuff on the drive and on encrypted, secure servers for ultimate online backup protection.

Simple plug n' play add-on storage; Turbo USB 2.0 interface, up to 25% faster than traditional USB 2.0; Affordable and reliable design.

Award-winning Fabrik backup software, including 2GB free online backup; built-in cooling vents for quiet, reliable performance; Automatically powers on or off with your computer.

Two year warranty, Compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1, Sits flat or stands upright with included cradle, Friendly, free unlimited technical support and PC and Mac compatible.

You can buy this Hitachi SimpleDrive for £69.99 from Play.com