£799.99 Optoma HD200x 1080p Projector

Perfect for watching HD movies, sporting events or super-size gaming. The Optoma HD200X projector will captivate your senses and immerse you in the action.

Making the largest flat screen TV's seem small with an image that can fill a wall - the Optoma HD200x projector will project you straight into the front row with life-size movie, sports and gaming characters - engulfing your senses and immersing you in the action

You love big pictures but know it is all in the detail. The Optoma HD200x projector offers full HD detail at a cheaper price than most other 1080p home projectors.

Detail that captivates and enthrals - every tiny detail larger than life with electrifying, perfectly balanced colour, crystal clarity and exquisite light and shade contrast detail.

Optoma guarantees colour quality will remain as new for 5 years For Home Cinema colour accuracy is critical.

Optoma are so confident that, unlike competing technologies, the Optoma HD200x projector colour will not change in use that Optoma have guaranteed it will stay the same as the day you bought it, for at least 5 years.

The Optoma HD200x projector projector based on an all-digital DLP chip delivers stunning picture quality again and again.

Unlike competing analogue technologies, the semiconductor that makes DLP projection possible is virtually immune to environmental factors that can cause an image to degrade over time.

You can buy this Optoma HD200x 1080p Projector for £799.99 from Play.com