CoPilot Live v8 Launches On Android and Windows Mobile

Just within a few days after making its way onto the iPhone, ALK Technologies has now unveiled its popular sat nav application CoPilot Live v8 GPS navigation system for a range of smartphones, including those powered by Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The latest iteration of the sat nav application boasts of turn-by-turn voice-enabled navigation for the smartphones featuring GPS technology, and it is touted to offer more clear and focused guidance for various complicated junctions.

Other features of the latest version of the program include 3D landmarks as well as cutting-edge voice technology that wouldn’t require users to touch the device for accessing navigation related details while on the go.

Furthermore, its advanced guidance features assist drivers to go for the right lane in order to take a turn, and its maps automatically adjust in scale according to the speed of the car.

The latest iteration of the CoPilot Live service also gives its users access to live local search, traffic details, along with updated info on fuel prices.

It further incorporates a new feature CoPilot OnDemand, which enables users to purchase and download additional maps directly onto their mobile phone devices using 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. The application will be priced at £25.99 for unlimited usage.