Microsoft Set To Offer Office On Nokia Smartphones

A Symbian version of popular business application suite Microsoft Office 2010 could make be available on Nokia smartphones by the end of the year.

Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft Business Division, and Kai Oistamo, executive VP for Nokia Devices will hold a joint conference later today in New York and the new partnership is expected to be announced there.

Microsoft and Nokia are normally rivals in the mobile market but the two have bigger issues to face such as the apparition of new bold competitors like Blackberry, Android or Apple's iPhone.

Office 2010 on Symbian S60 will give Nokia a powerful alternative to the default business suite which is currently the nice but ultimately limited QuickOffice. Nokia has a license to allow some of its more advanced phones to connect with Exchange servers using Microsoft Active Sync.

As for Microsoft, it will be the first time that the software giant will be launching Office for a non Windows platform since from Mac OS X; it also paves the way for more releases on other smartphone platforms with the iPhone, Blackberry and Android the likely targets.

Microsoft looks set to get Office on as many platforms as possible and with the release of Office Web, a web-based version of Microsoft Office, the company is planning to take its flagship business application to the outside world.