Sony Ericsson To Debut Jalou Clamshell Phone

Sony Ericsson has pre-released a clamshell phone, the Jalou, which is expected to be available over the next three months, just in time for Christmas and is squarely aimed at fashionistas.

The phone - previously known as Bao - comes in Deep Amethyst, Aquaramine Blue and Onyx Black plus there's a 24-carat gold plated pink model that carries a Dolce&Gabbana logo. The Jalou is only 73mm in length, which is shorter than the average lipstick according to Sony Ericsson.

Featurewise, it appears to be a mainstream model; it comes with 3G, a FM radio with the standard MP3 player, Bluetooth, a pedometer, a 3.2-megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, built in browser and weighs only 84g.

The phone is designed in such a way so that it resembles a pocket mirror (hence the clamshell form factor); the screen has a mirror finish which allows the true fashionista and "like, oh my God" girls to one more layer of makeup.

Jalou in French means Jealous - which many shall be when they see the phone - and rhymes with Bijou, which means Jewel in English - which the D&G version will be.

The latter will also come with a number of D&G extras including a stylish headset, a very classy keypad design, three satin bags and preloaded special content like photos and video clips.