Apple iTunes 9 To Integrate Social Networking Features?

It seems that Apple has finally acknowledged the power of social networking in popularising any stuff online, as the iPhone maker is reportedly working on a social networking app that will simultaneously connect various social networking accounts and integrate them with its signature iTunes 9.

The rumoured app will enable users to display the music they are listening to, as well as share it with other users on social network and update all the stuff simultaneously.

The next iteration of Apple’s iTunes app, tagged as ‘iTunes 9’, is said to be launched at the company’s annual iPod event scheduled in September, with general release is due in late September or October.

The app will resemble to Yahoo!’s popular OneConnect app, which allows users to manage a variety of social networking platforms from one location right on their mobile screens.

However, it is unclear that whether the app will be designed for the iPhone, Mac, or desktop, but it will reportedly aim at some of the popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and

If the rumours are to be believed, any such app would be great for people who love broadcasting and sharing their favourite music with others. However, the reports are yet to be confirmed by Apple, and we have to wait and watch till Apple’s iPod event next month to get the real picture.