Google Street View Leaves Stonehenge For Other Landmarks

Google’s controversial Street View service has gone off-road to capture snapshots of some of the prominent UK landmarks including The Angel of the North, Loch Ness, and Stonehenge.

The internet search giant is using a customised tricycle, instead of car-mounted cameras, installed with cameras to enlist popular as well as inaccessible sights in the UK. The tricycle was deployed at the Stonehenge site on Tuesday, where a Google employee spent almost one hour circling the place riding the popular Google trike.

Following its visit to Stonehenge, the Google trike will move to other famous UK off-road locations, including ‘The Angel of the North’, ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ and ‘Loch Ness’.

The chief of visitor operations for English Heritage, Stuart Maughan, asserted that the images capture for the Street View would surely help the site grabbing eyeballs of the tourists across the globe.

Along the same line, he said in a statement, “Stonehenge was first on the list and they have now mapped it from both inside and outside the stones. It will give everyone a chance to look at the stones, so people who haven't been before see how fantastic they are and perhaps come and visit one day.”

Stonehenge was emerged as the top site people wanted to be captured by the off-road cameras, as decided by an online voting conducted by Visit Britain.