O2 UK To Introduce Palm Pre In October?

Officially, the Palm Pre is coming to O2 exclusively just in time for Christmas according to the page O2 has published on its UK website.

But there are rumours, originally published on Mypre thanks to an "anonymous" employee, that the smartphone most likely to replace the iPhone in O2's stable will be available in the UK by the end of October 2009

The exact date quoted, Friday the 30th, is almost five months after its launch in the US. The source also added that the handset would be available for £120 on a 24 month contract in line with the iPhone 3GS.

However, an O2 spokesperson told The Register that the information is incorrect, adding that “No launch date has been announced” (ed: but they would say that anyway). But separate user comments on two well known tech websites seem to confirmed the release dates.

The Pre will probably be released simultaneously in a number of territories, which means that the likelyhood of a leak is very, very high. In addition, it is worth noting that O2 UK has completely removed any reference to the Palm Pre from its front page.