Palm Mojo SDK Better Than Expected, Still Lacks OpenGL Support

Palm Mojo SDK 1.1, which still remains in unfinished stage, seems to be very promising according to Peter Wayner of InfoWorld who reviewed Palm’s yet to be unveiled webOS and notified about some of the handy features and capabilities of it.

According to his review, Palm Mojo SDK employs HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript to develop MVC-style apps, and it is tremendously easier to use this new SDK of Palm than the iPhone’s SDK.

Citing the same, he quoted in his post, “This framework is dramatically easier than using something like Objective C. There's no need to deal with memory allocation or pointers, two briar patches that often trap even the best developers”.

He further went on to say that MVC architecture would simply mean that the HTML and CSS to be handled by the designer, while JavaScript would go to the developer.

He also pointed out some of the demerits too, when compared against the likes of the iPhone and Android SDK, and one of the most notable one is the absence of OpenGL, which help developers to create games in 3D.

However, developing two-dimensional games would be easier once the developers get used to the fact that DIVs can roam all over the page in distinct layers, he added.

Since Palm Mojo SDK is still in the development stage, it is difficult to set any comparison with other similar platforms, but the very prelude of the new SDK seems to have potential to present some stiff competition to the established players.