Pirate Party Launches In UK, Set To Stand At Next General Election

Following success in Germany and Sweden, the Pirate Party, which backs file sharing across the web, is now formally registered in the UK, and it is formulating plans to contest in the next general elections.

In the last European elections, the Swedish Pirate party has managed to get a seat in the European Parliament in the month of June, and eventually get to a legitimate public platform to voice issues to support file sharing over the internet.

The party will focus at three prime issues, which include - to legitimise non-commercial file-sharing and trimming down the length of copyright protection, to curb excessive surveillance on internet users by the state authorities and big businesses, and to encourage freedom of speech.

“The internet has turned our world into a global village. Ideas can be shared at incredible speed, and at negligible cost. The benefits are plain to see, but as a result, many vested interests are threatened. Outdated laws must change, and will change. The only question is when will we change them”, reads a message on the party’s website.

Incidentally, the party is all set to contest in the next general elections in the UK, and will be expecting to emulate the success of its parallel parties in Sweden and Germany.