Dell Set To Launch Mac Mini Killer Called Zino HD

Pictures of a brand new lounge personal computer called Inspiron Zino HD and manufactured by US PC Maker Dell have emerged and have prompted loads of ooohhhs and aaahhs.

The device is clearly aiming at Apple's Mac Mini (not the Apple TV), comes with a piano finish to match the general environment of a cosy lounge and will offer a nice alternative to the Dell Studio Hybrid.

No details about the innards of the beasts have been revealed but one can guess a number of details based on the pictures alone which you can see on Gizmodo.

On the front, It has a slim size optical reader, either Bluray or DVD writer but NO slot-in. There also is a headset socket, two USB ports and what appears to be a SD card reader.

At the back, one can find four USB ports which are wrongly labelled as eSATA ports, HDMI, a 9-pin Serial port (??), a1-pin power socket, network port, Line in and a microphone entry. The Zino HD also comes with a number of interchangeable plates.

As for the rest, well, because of the lack of air vents, one can expect the Dell device to run on a low power solution, almost certainly an Intel Atom processor, coupled with a Nvidia graphic subsystem (ION?), at least 2GB RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, a 2.5-inch hard disk drive with a capacity of up to 1TB.

It will be interesting to find out how it fares against the likes of the Asus EEE Top and the Acer Aspire Revo Nettop which compete in the same category but are likely to be much cheaper