Leyio Sharing Device Get iPod Support

Leyio will add iPod synchronisation to its "flick to share" personal sharing device thanks to a soon-to-be released firmware update in three weeks' time.

The 16GB gadget allows like-minded people (i.e. those who possess another Leyio) to share data wirelessly over short distances using Wltra Wide Band technology using what Techradar calls, "a clever flick of the wrist movement" but ultimately lacked the X-factor thanks partly to its £130 price tag.

Given the fact that (a) 16GB is just enough for iPhone 3GS and a fraction of the size of bigger iPods (b) a 16GB USB Drive costs less than a fifth of the Leyio, the firm has a mountain to climb to convince customers to part with their money.

Since no iPods actually have Ultra Wide Band (for now), Leyio owners will need to connect their device via a USB cable before the Leyio takes over and transfer files at high speed - a great mass copying solution that content owners will surely frown upon.

The Leyio also comes with a tiny 2GB Flash drive, a finger print reader, is powered by a 320MHz Freescale processor, has an external port for a USB key, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 1.5-inch OLED screen.