Twitter Introduces Retweeting Functionality In API

Microblogging phenomenon Twitter has announced that it will come up wtih an official retweeting system thanks to a new feature in its API set.

Retweeting (or RT) basically acts like an "echo" and is one of the most used features on the social website; many websites have placed the RT feature alongside other social networking badges such as Digg or Delicious.

Unfortunately, most users will need to copy and paste the message and the link and manually add the letters RT to the Twitter's CEO acknowledged its importance by saying that "it is a great example of Twitter teaching us what it wants to be."

Biz Stone announced in a post on Twitter's blog, the phase one of Project Retweet which will make the functionality an integral part of Twitter's API, and suggests that the feature will be launched within the next few weeks.

Silicon Alley Insider provides with some clues as to why an "official" version of RT was due. It will help stamp out the big problem of fake identities and impersonation. The original source will get more credit than the retweeter.

It will also provide with a reliable way of finding out the key trendsetters and influential personalities on Twitter. Retweeting could be a vital data collection tool that Twitter could be using to convince companies to switch to a premium, paid for account.