More Than Nine Million Xbox 360 Consoles Sold In Europe

Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming consoles are apparently quite popular in Europe with more than 9 million units sold.

In an interview to gaming news outlet MCV, Microsoft's Chris Lewis said that the 360 had 27 percent of the European console market, behind the Nintendo Wii.

He added that the console was the only one on the market to show a positive growth. Lewis claims that sales of Xbox 360 grew by 22 percent on the first half of the year whereas the market as a whole was down by a similar margin overall.

Microsoft has been very aggressive with regards to the pricing of the Xbox console in Europe especially amongst high street retailers and on bundle deals.

Tesco is selling the Xbox 360 Arcade with a wireless controller and five games (Pac Man Championship Edition, Uno, Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy and Luxor) for as little as £124.

There are also rumours that Microsoft could cut prices on some of Xbox 360 SKUs ahead of Sony's release of a slimmer, cheaper version of the PS3 in the next few days.

And to fuel those rumours, it looks as if the Xbox 360 60GB has been discontinued altogether to make space for the Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a 120GB hard drive.