Samsung Galaxy i7500 Android Phone To Launch On O2 Next Week?

O2 will launch the Samsung Galaxy i7500, its first Android smartphone, as early as next week according to a source from within the company.

Staff at O2's retail outlets peeped into the company's SMS (Stock Management System) and told the Register that the device would come to O2 next week, something that was apparently confirmed by customer services to some O2 users over the phone.

Like the Pre, the Galaxy i7500 will be exclusive to O2, which is the country's largest mobile network in terms of revenue and a spokesperson for the company confirmed earlier that the phone would be available within the next few weeks.

The phone has already been launched in other territories like Taiwan. However, there were rumours that the i7500 was delayed after it failed its accreditation.

Someone called Snakestyle posted on the O2's forum that he went to O2's shop in Wilmslow and that the manager showed him an email from head office asking all dummies of the Galaxy to be taken off the shelves.

The i7500 has the killer looks of a slider (but with a much bigger screen). It comes with a Qualcomm processor running at 528MHz, WiFi, 8GB memory, a 5-megapixel camera, GPS, a 3.2-inch capacitive OLED screen and Android OS.

Out of the five main networks, only 3 has yet to launch (or announce the launch of) an Android smartphone although we wouldn't count against this happening before the end of the year.