iPhone 3GS Trounces Pre In Satisfaction Survey

A survey carried out by RBC Capital and ChangeWave Research found out 3GS users are very much in love with their devices, apparently more in fact than any other smartphones.

Out of 200 3GS users questioned, only 2 said they were not satisfied at all, this is even higher than for past models which reached 73 percent.

Although the sample size is relatively smal it gives a good idea of the kind of relationship 3GS users have with their iPhone.

A similar survey carried out on a much smaller group of Pre owners - only 40 - showed that 87 percent of them were satisfied. This means that the rate of unsatisfied customers for the Pre is nearly 7 times higher than for the iPhone.

More significantly perhaps, the percentage of very satisfied iPhone users was almost double that of Pre customers (82 percent vs 45 percent).

In a note to clients, RBC's Mike Abramsky looked at the positive side of things, saying that the Pre score was "the highest score ever recorded in our prior Palm satisfaction surveys and above all other manufacturers except RIM (48%) and Apple (82%)."

3GS users were actually quite frustrated by the AT&T network with a 55 percent saying it was what they disliked the most about the iPhone. The other two being poor battery life and the fact that their IT department did not support the iPhone.

RBC's research also found out that more than 40 percent of iPhone 3GS users already had older iPhones. 18 percent were ex-Motorola users, 11 percent came from Nokia, 9 percent from RIM, 8 percent from Sanyo and 6 percent from Palm.

One bright spot for Pre is the fact that 82 percent of Pre users were new to Palm. RDC however did not provide with a breakdown of where the new users came from.