BT Rolls Out 20Mbps Broadband Upgrade

BT has announced that it will offer speeds of up to 20mbps broadband to all its customers from today together with a BT accelerator pack that could in theory increase internet speeds by 1.5mbps.

Users will hopefully enjoy a significant leap in broadband speed as BT's increasing its service speed from 20mbps through a combination of hardware upgrades, tweaks and rolling out ADSL2+.

Upload speeds will also be boosted to 1mbps from 448kbps. Nearly 550 exchanges across the country have been updated, accounting for 40 percent of the United Kingdom, serving 10 million businesses and homes. BT hopes to improve the coverage to 55 percent by March next year.

BT's broadband accelerator is a gadget which reduces the impact of electrical interference on broadband lines and will be available for free. Users will only need to pay for postage.

As a side note, it seems also that BT will be using the upgrades as a way to tie their existing customers into longer and potentially expensive contracts.

The telecom giant has already rolled out its 20mbps broadband on its Option 1 broadband which cost as much as £15.65 per month.

BT provides with an online tool that allows you to check your optimum speed by typing in your phone number or postcode. Using a dummy number, the maximum speed we got was 7mbps.

Our Comments

John Petter, managing director of BT’s Consumer division, said in a statement: “The BT Broadband Accelerator can make a big difference to the speed of your broadband. We think it is so important we’ve taken the decision to offer it to our customers for just the cost of the postage.

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