Facebook for iPhone 3.0 App Sent For Approval

Facebook is set to launch the third version of the very popular and free to own Facebook App for iPhone after the application was submitted to the almighty Apple App store for approval.

The application which clocked more than 12 million active users in the past month - roughly 30 percent of iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide - even has a dedicated page on Facebook with more than 300,000 fans.

Amongst the wealth of improvement on version 3.0 are more customisation, video uploads for the iPhone 3GS as well as web-style news feed, improve image tagging, support for events and the ability to manipulate albums;

It is unlikely to include features associated with Facebook Lite for the time being and this version will hopefully solve the app's inclination to crash when least expected.

However, Joe Hewitt, the Facebook engineer who develop the Facebook iPhone app, said that he was really excited about version 3.1 on which he is going to work as from today.

Apple is likely to give special preference to Facebook's application because of its importance to the social networking website's ecosystem. Facebook is apparently working on an Android version of the app as well.

Our Comments

Users though are not terribly excited by the older update of the Facebook App. Karlyn for example summarised the frustrations of many users as she added "Why tell me I have notifications when I can't actually get to them? I enjoy the ease of access, although it is quite frustrating when I can see a notification but not be able to access it."

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