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Lord Mandelson Has UK File-sharers In Sight In Clampdown

The Business Secretary Lord Mandelson seems set to take a stiffer stance to crack down hard on illegal file sharing over the web, with new set of regulations that could make the offenders see their connections cut off or even pay as much as £50,000 in damages.

In the proposed draconian move, Lord Mandelson is intending to criminalise a whopping seven million internet users, a substantive proportion of the UK population, who keep on downloading the copyrighted content from the web illicitly.

However, the given figure doesn’t involve parents who may not be familiar that their kids have been regularly infringing copyright laws while surfing the web using family computer.

The move comes after the Business Secretary had dinner with the billionaire producer David Geffen, who co-founded the famous DreamWorks Studios along with the popular director Steven Spielberg.

Commenting upon the new harsh regulations, David Davies, the Conservative MP, said in a statement, “It does seem a remarkable coincidence. Peter Mandelson should be forced to reveal the full extent of his meetings with wealthy friends on holiday and, in the name of openness, disclose exactly what they discussed”.

However, a spokesman for the Department of Business has denied any influence of the so-called meeting on new proposed rules to crack down on internet piracy.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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