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A Need For Speed : Site Update

This morning, I walked out of Starbucks because I was in a queue of 10 other people, with just one person was serving. Although it was a pain to go somewhere else, I’d rather spend my time and money where the service is faster.

Why am I telling you this? Well my team will tell you that I’m a man for “similes”. As luck would have it, the timing of this example was perfect! For a while now the, audience has been growing tremendously, but our infrastructure has not scaled in tandem with it.

So, I’m not surprised if some of you went to another site because we were too slow to react. I sincerely apologise for this!

With this in mind, I’m really happy to announce that this weekend, the ITProPortal has super-charged itself by added a new load balancing server, media server and web server cluster which will greatly improve the speed and reliability of the service we offer you.

In addition, over the coming weeks, we are making some significant updates to the site code, HTML, CSS and Scripts to ensure that you get the fastest possible experience when browsing the site.

At the same time we will be user test more design updates, all with a view to offering you a better site experience.

As ever, we are very keen for your feedback, so if you see the site is running slow or browser errors or you just don’t like what you see, we want to hear from you!

Please use the FEEDBACK (opens in new tab) link to post your comments and we promise to get back to you on each and every post and alternatively contact us via Twitter @itproportal (opens in new tab)

We strive to offer you the fastest and best tech news experience and we sincerely hope you enjoy using the site!