Psystar Takes On Apple In Massive Legal Dispute

The ongoing legal clash between Apple and Mac clone-maker Psystar has taken a new interesting turn this week, with the latter taking testimony from Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller, and has several other executives lined up for the next week.

The dispute surrounds Psystar’s manufacture of the purported “Open Computers” which it installs with Mac OS X Leopard operating system. Apple has claimed that the licensing agreement for operating system doesn’t include the permission for third party installations.

The agreement reached by the two parties this week to let lawyers of Psystar to take depositions from some of the top execs from Apple pinpoints a new turn in the legal battle and will help the Florida-based Mac clone manufacturer in its effort to have an upper hand in the case.

On the other hand, Apple has alleged Psystar for destroying various evidences, such as source codes and emails, and has urged the federal judge to penalize the firm.

As per the agreement, the Psystar lawyers will question Apple’s senior VP of Macintosh hardware engineering Bob Mansfield; the senior director for Mac hardware Mike Culbert; Apple’s chief for core operating system development Simon Patience; and a VP of finance Mark Donnelly.

Psystar, in a rather unconventional move, has asked people interested in the case to send in questions they’d like Apple execs to answer. Go To Page 2 for our comments and more related links.

Our Comments

Apple core strategy revolves around making sure that its ecosystem is firmly under control and closed to outsider. This ensures that the company can maximise its return on investment - which it is doing very nicely - as well as maintaining a virtual monopoly on the platform. Apple is essentially trying to do the same thing on the iPhone as well.

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